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I can’t believe how far technology has come

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Anonymous: Also... you know... by being egalitarian you are also... feminist.... thought I should point that out as well... Women happen to fall under the category of "everyone." By claiming you're anti-feminist, you give power to the oppressive forces against women. This is coming from a cisgendered male egalitarian who is proud to identify as a feminist...





Women arent oppressed in the western world for one, two feminism is one of the most evil and corrupt movement and I am against it. Please read my fucking blog before shoving your god damn views down my throat thanks

"Women aren’t oppressed in the western world"

Translation: Despite benefiting directly from advances made by feminism in the past, I don’t currently feel that I personally am oppressed and I therefore choose to ignore the evidence of systemic oppression of women in my society and prefer to pretend that such oppression does not exist, to the extent that I will challenge anyone who suggests that it does, whilst completely failing to see the irony that, in so doing, I am not only actively fighting against equality for women but am also aligning myself with, and essentially supporting, the culture of misogyny that seeks to keep women oppressed. In short, I’m alright, Jack, so screw everyone else.

Thank you.
Like legitimately that child has no idea what she’s talking about and she just comes back to “well fuck you!!” on all her posts. Well written!

Wonder why?
Maybe because this shit gets repetitive, and you people say the same shit over and over again, so I seriously just get sick of it? Yall try to shove your views down my throat non fucking stop, so what else am I supposed to do?
And I’ve never said “well fuck you”, by the way. But you know, actually paying attention and not just reading what you want to read helps sometime :)

Girls are dumb


Darth Revan



How babies are born in Canada. [via]

Hey! That’s not how they’re born, that’s just how we find them, in our maple syrup buckets. No one knows how the fuck they’re born.

i’m canadian. this is true. the great moose comes and leads you to your baby. 

#that little bat has no clue that it is embodying halloween right now #because it does not understand what holidays are #it does however #understand what pumpkins are #as it can eat those #it cannot eat halloween #bats
I needed your tags I’m sorry.

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"This is my family and I"